Robot Sumo

Robot Sumo is a sport in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a dojo (ring), just like in sumo wrestling. (more on wikipedia…)

During my time at Monash University, I had a great time competing in a variety of robot sumo competitions run by Invetech and the Monash Mechatronics club.



2007 Fuzzy Logic

In 2007, Greg Hellard from Invetech ran a sumo robot competition for university students.

With no knowledge of how where to even start, Brendan Carne, Alan Su, Cam Lucas and myself formed a team.  We also approached head of Mechatronics at Monash, Andy Russel, who supplied us with an M16 micro controller.

Brendan and Alan focused on the electrical side of the design and Cam and myself focused on the mechanical design.

We came up with the name Fuzzy Logic after covering the surface of the robot with black sheepskin to try and confuse IR sensors.

It was a great learning experience and Fuzzy Logic ended up winning the competition.



2008 Rook

Rook vs. a first-time robot sumo

Rook vs. Brendan and Alan’s Echo



2009 Fuzzy Logic 2